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 Kinder Park always creates new attractive playgrounds to children and families


Extracurricular activities play

 Come to KinderPark children are not only having fun with continuous movement castle, climbing wall, areas of a miniature city etc. but also participating in exciting team games, the artistic creative activities, skill classes' fun and enjoying other unique art items.

Weekly enrichment activities' calendar




 Come to KinderPark on their annual festivals, the children will be immersed in the festive atmosphere with lots of fun and attractive activities, brightly decorated space and enjoy the fun art shows.



 The Performing Arts

 Enjoy incredibly attractive and fun art program atKinderPark, the whole family will spend great moments with each other.



On festive occasions KinderPark also organizes large events for companies, hospitals, banks, schools  etc. such as "Family Day", "Thanksgiving's Party", "Ceremony of Awards" ....


Programs for schools

 Every year KinderPark also welcomes hundreds of kindergartens and primary schools for fun activities and snack afterwards. The clean and fun indoor playscape is an ideal choice with utmost safety for groups with large numbers of children for extracurricular funs.


Programs for kindergarten


Program for primary school


Birthday Party

 Kinder Park is a great place  parents choose for holding their kid's  birthday party. Birthday party comes with exciting theme and  attractive decoration as "Princess' birthday party", "Birthday party themes with favorite cartoon character", "Superhero's birthday party,"Caribbeanpirate's birthday party ". With foods  and fresh drinks, your children will have a memorable and fun birthday party.